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This group is open to all pixel artists and pixel admirers. Whether you want to submit art or just watch the group, you are free to join!
Founded 3 Years ago
Jun 8, 2011


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Art Collection

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Digital Media

2,385 Members
2,114 Watchers
42,447 Pageviews
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Late last year we ran a poll, asking you guys what you would like to see implemented into the group to make it more enjoyable. Many of you stood behind the idea of a ribbon or badge rewarding system, and we promised to make that happen.
Well, here we go!

The Pixel Palace Award Ribbons

Blue Ribbon by Inemiset

Blue Ribbon It's the most-valuable ribbon.
It can be obtained by:
- Winning first place in a group contest.
- Donating over 80 :points: to the group.
- Being noticeably/extremely helpful to the group in any way.
- Exchanging 3 Red Ribbons
It can:
- Be cashed in in exchange for a 1 month feature slot.
- Be saved up, and when 3 are collected they can be cashed in in exchange for 100 :points:

Red Ribbon by Inemiset

Red Ribbon The second most-valuable ribbon.
It can be obtained by:
- Winning second place in a group contest.
- Donating over 50 :points: to the group
- Exchanging 3 Yellow Ribbons
It can:
- Be cashed in for a 3-week feature slot.

Yellow Ribbon by Inemiset

Yellow Ribbon The third most-valuable ribbon.
It can be obtained by:
- Winning third place in a group contest.
- Exchanging 5 Honorable Mention ribbons.
It can:
-Be cashed in for a 2-week feature slot.

Honorable Mention Ribbon by Inemiset

Honorable Mention Ribbon
It can be obtained by:
- Entering a group contest
- Offering prize art or at least 30 :points: in a group contest.
- Participating in bi-weekly challenges (coming soon).
It can:
- Be cashed in for a 1-week feature slot
- Be saved and, when 5 are accumulated, exchange them for a Yellow Ribbon.

About Exchanging Ribbons for Donated Points:

- Donating is cumulative. This means you can donate, for example, 20 :points: one week and 30 :points: another week to earn a Red Ribbon.
- Keep in mind that it has to be a "donation." That means you get nothing in return, including features. So purchasing a Feature Slot does not count towards this.
- It's also encouraged to donate it all at once, so you don't have to keep track of how much you have donated to the group, and you don't have to remind us of it. It's just easier that way.
- Donated points cannot be used for more than one type of ribbon. What does that mean?
Say you donate small amounts over a spread of time. If you want a red ribbon, you are free to request one when you hit the 50:points: mark! But you can't say, oh, and let me donate a little more and then ask for a blue ribbon too. You either wait until you get the blue ribbon, or start over after you get your red ribbon.
Why? This keeps the values of the respective ribbons in check, and makes sure the group does not go bankrupt :XD:

Ribbons will be awarded accordingly to the participants of the contest conducted right before this announcement.

Next on the agenda: Bi-Weekly Challenges

:bulletpurple: What do think about having Bi-Weekly Challenges? A prompt is given, and anyone who wants to can create a piece of pixel art that fits the prompt, just for fun!

Saraix Face by Inemiset  Happy Pixeling!  Saraix Face by Inemiset
I know that it is sometimes hard to figure out which submission goes where. Here Are The Rules

NOTE: Journals are not allowed in the gallery whatsoever!


If you wish to submit something to Featured, you should submit it to the Gallery first (to the right folder), and then send a note to the group with your request. If your request is granted your deviation will be moved to the Featured Folder by the Founder or a Co-Founder. Contributors can submit to featured after a vote.


ALL deviations in this folder must contain our group mascot, Saraix, in them. For some reason people have a habit of submitting to this folder despite this rule, or despite the fact that they have no idea what this folder is for. Again, deviations must contain Saraix or they will be rejected without an explanation!

:bulletpurple:Pixel Art Tutorials

No folder overrides this one except the Contest and Saraix folders. You cannot submit journals or regular art to this folder.

:bulletpurple: Stamps

All stamps, animated and non-animated, belong in this folder. Stamps with humans and emoticons, animals and letters, go here. The only folders that override this one are the Tutorial, Contest, and Saraix folders.
Group icons are not stamps.


All animated works go here EXCEPT:
- Emoticons
- Icons/Avatars
- Contests
- Saraix art
- Stamps

:bulletpurple:Animals and Scenery

All animals and scenery works go here EXCEPT if there is animation involved, there is a human/antrho character in the work, if Saraix is in the work, if the work is a dA icon, or if there are emoticons used. In that case, the artwork goes in the Animations Folder, Human Folder, Icon folder, or Emoticon Folder.


All ThePixelPalace contest submissions go in this folder, and no folder overrides this one. Do not submit anything else to this folder, or it will be declined without explanation.


All emotes go here, icons and animations included. Only the Contest, Saraix, and Featured Folders override this one.


ALL non-animated sprites go in this folder, not the Misc Objects Folder. Any animated sprites go in the Animations folder unless they are for a contest or include Saraix.


This folder is only for pieces that are mainly human or anthro. The only folders that override this one are the Animations, Icon, Emotes, Saraix, and Featured Folders.


Deviations in this folder must be no larger or smaller than 50x50 pixels and must be intended to be used as icons. Deviations with icon packs (a.k.a., have multiple 50x50 icons in them) and group icons are allowed in this folder as well.  No folder overrides this folder, except in rare cases, Contests, Saraix, or Tutorials.

:bulletpurple:Misc Objects

If the artwork does not fit in any of the other categories, it goes here. So all of the works in this folder do not move, are not human, do not contain Saraix and are not icons, tutorials, emoticons, animals, scenery, or contest entries.

TLDR This is how to check off where your deviation goes:

1). Saraix (if not, go to #2)
2). Contest (if not, go to #3)
3). Tutorials (if not, go to #4)
4). Icon/Avatar (if not, go to #5)
5.) Stamp (if not, got to #6)
6). Emoticons (if not, go to #7)
7). Animation (if not, got to #8)
8). Sprites (if not, go to #9)
9.) Human/Anthro (if not, go to #10)
10.) Animals/Scenery (if not, go to #11)
11.) Misc. Objects

That is all. Thanks for reading! If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
More Journal Entries

Gallery Folders

I want My Submission to be Rejected
Group Challenges



Features/Useful Group Info


:iconroyaltyplz:Star Divider - Free by etNoirStar Divider - Free by etNoir:iconroyaltyplz:

***Go here to get a feature slot:… ***

1.) Seabraz has some amazing artwork:
Powerless by Seabraz
Sep 7

2.) Piouri does amazing pixel art!
G: Yamio by Piouri R: Unbrandedlaptop by Piouri
Sep 8





Pixel Palace Mascot Contest - Saraix by Suora91Star Divider - Free by etNoirPixel Palace Mascot Contest - Saraix by Suora91

Group Information, READ PLEASE

:bulletred: Please read this widget for important group info:bulletred:


If you want to join, just click "Join." You don't have to be a pixel artist to join either!

:iconknightplz:New Member Must-Reads:iconknightplz:

You are encouraged to read these before you do anything else in the group:

- Group Rules…

- Submission Guide…

:bulletpurple:Submitting to Featured:bulletpurple:

Members do not have permission to submit to the Featured folder. If you wish to submit something to Featured, you must submit it to the Gallery first (and to the right folder), and then send a note to the group with your request. If your request is granted your deviation will be moved to the Featured Folder by the Founder or a Co-Founder. Contributors can submit to featured after a vote.


- Join Requests to Contributors are open.
- If you want to be a Contributor you must:
~ Not be new to dA
~ Know the basics about pixel art, but you don't have to be a great artist
~ Must have some Group Admin experience
~ Must know and follow the Group Rules
~ Must be able to log on to dA at least once every three days
~ Must help with voting in submissions and voting for contest winners
~ Must help out with answering questions members might have
~ Must be responsible, helpful and friendly
- If you feel like you can't be a Contributor anymore, you may leave that group if you wish, but I would be really glad if you stayed as a Member than if you left altogether :)

:bulletpurple:Submitting to Favorites:bulletpurple:

- If you see pixel art you like that is not in our gallery, but is by a non-member, feel free to suggest it to the group favorites. All I ask is that you just be sure that it follows the rules.


- Contributors, please feel free vote on a submission if you see there needs to be a vote, especially on Featured works where we need many votes.
- If you vote to decline, please comment why you did so in the submission process.

Please don't forget we have a donation pool on my page, so if you would like to donate, please do :D

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